An important component of MUFFIN is to collect and analyze end-user requirements in order to develop improved systems and products that facilitate response to and management of urban floods. This will be attained by questionnaires, interviews and workshops with relevant end-users.

An end-user workshop was held on 2017-02-28. In this workshop, groups of end-users representing different sectors and categories related to urban flooding gathered in Aalborg (DK), Rotterdam (NL), Helsinki (FI) and Norrköping (SE) in order to discuss limitations of today’s urban flood forecasting methods and systems as well as ideas for imrpovements. In total 40 end-users participated. Individual brainstorming sessions were held in each location, after which joint plenary wrap-up sessions were held on video. The brainstorming and the discussions generated a lot of valuable input for the design of the forecasting experiments in MUFFIN and a summary will be published here as soon as it is completed.